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Production dates 1939-01-19/1939-11-29
Reference code PT/MNE/CICL/IC-1/00025/08
Production dates 1939-07-21/1939-11-04
Reference code PT/MNE/CICL/IC-1/00026/11
Paris 4
Production dates 1977-01-05/1978-10-30
Reference code PT/MNE/CICL/IC-1/00027/02
Paris 3
Production dates 1984-04-26/1985-12-16
Reference code PT/MNE/CICL/IC-1/00027/06
Production dates 1958-03-22/1972-05-19
Reference code PT/MNE/CICL/IC-1/00028/03
Production dates 1967-10-16/1970-08-05
Reference code PT/MNE/CICL/IC-1/00033/06
LeitorContém fotografia a cores tipo passe
Production dates 1988-03-01/1990-07-31
Reference code PT/MNE/CICL/IC-1/00034/07
LeitoraContém fotografia a cores tipo passe
Production dates 1988-02-24/1991-08-22
Reference code PT/MNE/CICL/IC-1/00034/14
Paris IV
Production dates 1986-01-08/1986-06-24
Reference code PT/MNE/CICL/IC-1/00035/02